News Alert Stage II Fire Restrictions for County, National Forest and BLM lands
Stage II Fire Restrictions in Custer County are in effect until further notice, per BOCC Resolutions. Fire ban has also been implemented by the BLM and the National Forest Service Read more
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Stage II Fire Restrictions for County, National Forest and BLM lands
For additional information, read the BOCC Resolutions, BLM documents, BLM 1, BLM 2 and Forest Service orders and Map
Posted 6 days ago - July 10,2018 - 02:52 pm
Stage II Fire Ban

A Stage II fire ban is currently in effect.

The following acts are prohibited on public and private land, roads, and trails, until further notice:

  1. Building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire or campfire.
  2. Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building.
  3. Operating a chainsaw or motorized equipment without approved spark arrestors for any purpose.
  4. Blasting, welding, or other activities which generate flame or flammable material.
  5. Use of an explosive including fireworks.
  6. Burning of trash or open burns.

FIRE / CAMPFIRE: A fire, not within any building, mobile home, or living accommodation mounted on a vehicle, which is used for cooking, branding, personal warmth, lighting, ceremonial, or aesthetic purposes. Campfires are open fires, usually built on the ground, from native fuels or charcoal, including charcoal grills. Campfire includes "fire". Gas or propane stoves with a shutoff value ARE permitted.

RESTRICTIONS: A limitation on an activity or use.

CLOSURE: The closing of an area to entry or use.

DEVELOPED RECREATION SITE: An area which has been improved or developed for recreation. A developed recreation site is signed as an agency-owned campground or picnic area and identified on a map as a site developed for that purpose.

DESIGNATED AREA: A geographic area defined by an agency in which specific land use activity is occurring.

PERMIT: A written document issued by an authorized agency representative to specifically authorize an otherwise prohibited act.

CHAINSAW: A saw powered by an internal combustion engine, with cutting teeth linked in an endless chain.

MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT: Any equipment or vehicles propelled by an internal combustion engine without an approved spark arrestor.

Please contact the Custer County Sheriff's Department at 719-783-2270 for further details

Posted 28 days ago - June 18,2018 - 12:38 pm
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