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Custer County
Community Wildfire Protection Plan

CWPP Graphic

The Custer County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) was organized to study countywide wildfire hazards and risks, and to determine community priorities and strategies for action.

The plan is in Adobe PDF format.  Due to it's size
(76 Pages), it has been broken up into
 smaller files for ease of downloading.
If you have a broadband connection, you may
download the full version

Part 1 Pages 1-28 0.5 MB
Part 2 Pages 29-41 1.8 MB
Part 3 Pages 42-53 2.6 MB
Part 4 Pages 54-62 3.1 MB
Part 5 Pages 63-69 1.7 MB
Part 6 Pages 70-76 1.9 MB
Full Version Pages 1-76 10.1 MB
Sangres Foothills CWPP_w/ Appendices (Full Version) Pages 1-85
Updated (4/25/2018)
10 MB
CWPP TopoMap 2-27-2018 Full Version 2.1 MB
Appendices A-D with Topo Maps 2-27-2018 Full Version 7 MB

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